Having Sex

Whether you want to improve your sexual life or take the step to start having sex with your partner, this can be daunting to both of you.

There are many ways to get your partner interested in sex.

Good Communication Is The Key!!

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1) Communicating Your Desires:

A) Don’t Take Things Personally:

Lots of couples have different sexual needs and desires.

If your partner is not interested in sex like you, that does not mean that he is not attracted to you.

There are many other reasons why your partner may not want as much as you do, such as:

B) Improve Communication With Your Partner:

A good sexual life needs a good emotional relationship.

Talk to your partner as a friend.


Show your interest in your partner’s happiness.

Here Are Some Good Ways To Improve Communication:

C) Express Your Feelings To Your Partner:

It is essential to keep your partner informed about any concerns you have about your sexual relationship.

Being honest with your partner will make things easier for you and your partner to solve any problem.

D) Be Patient:

Building any beautiful thing takes time.

Give your partner enough time to make his decisions and get ready for sex.

2) Try New Toys And Techniques:

A) Schedule Your Sex Time:

Creating room in your plan for sex with your partner can lead to more happiness.

Try giving some minutes a day where you and your partner will do something sexy together and understand it is not supposed to lead to sex.

It can be a way to relax and feel close to your partner.

Having a shower together, enjoying a glass of wine, giving each other massages are good examples.

Try not to start sex during this time; enjoy the closeness with your partner.

B) Discuss Using Sex Toys:

Why not use sex toys?

Such a great idea!!


Sex toys can be useful at improving arousal and pleasure during six.

For example, you can try:

To find the best sex toys visit our sex shop “The Sexy Box” where you can get the toy that fits your needs.

C) Help Your Partner Reach Orgasm:

There is no problem in asking your partner if anything can help him reach his orgasm.

You can educate yourself and search for new ways to increase your partner’s chance of reaching orgasm.

Remember, many women need direct stimulation to the clitoris to reach orgasm, so touching, licking, or using a vibrator can enhance the opportunities to reach orgasm.


You Can Follow These Simple Tips Too:

3) Look At Surrounding Issues:

A) Work On Your Relationship As a Whole:

If you have been having sex before, but your partner is no longer interested, think about problems you might be having.

If you are not having sex with your partner yet, make sure you share comfort and trust.

Be thoughtful of the other part needs in a non-sexual way.

Ensure that he is enjoying the actions you choose for dates, and show care in daily life.

Celebrate his successes and give support when having trouble with school, work, health problems, family issues, or a bad day.

B) Discuss Using Porn:

Your partner may have become dependent on porn and has less desire for real sex.

Or, he may want to have a variety of sexual experiences with you.

For example, she may want to watch porn together before or during sex with you.

Have a non-judgmental conversation where you open the subject of porn and how it should fit into your sex life together.

Honest conversations may make you two feel closer and enhance the desires.

C) Keep Using What Works:

Your partner may need a certain ambiance to be in the mood, so if you can re-create that, your partner will be more interested in having sex.

Use the things that worked with both of you to get as much pleasure as possible.


Don’t Give Up Easily.

Every problem has its solution, simplify the issues, and communicate with your partner to reach the best results of your relationship.

If you tried all the ways and are not meeting your needs together, it would help to visit a therapist who will determine your problems and tips on resolving it.

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