new sex toy

Are you ready to get yourself a new sex toy!

But where to start?

What toy should you get?

To know, you have to ask yourself some questions.

We are giving you these questions that can help you, write your answers, and when you finish, you’ll have a list of needs that your new toy must meet.

You can use this list when you shop and as a source for your decision!


The First question is where to use this new sex toy on your body?

Yes, it is anatomy!

Think about your body and what areas you want to stimulate.

Feel free to try out into zones other than your genitals.

But what if you want to share this toy with a partner, and what is their anatomy?

It’s not uncommon, especially with new sex toys that can be sterilized thoroughly.

People can share toys during masturbation or partnered play.

You can ask the staff in the sex store to help you answer these questions.

Our staff in The Sexy Box would be accommodating and answer all of your questions.


The second question is when are you going to use this new sex toy?

Is it for partnered sex, masturbation, or both?

sex desires

Think about all the situations where you want your toy to make an appearance.

Will you leave it in your dresser drawer?

Will you take it in your bag on a business trip or your next date?

All of these questions matter and can guide you to the right decision.


Think about the kind of impressions you enjoy, what truly gets you aroused and gives you the pleasure.

Do you like hard and deep penetration?

Or you prefer light-sensitive touch in all the right places?

Even if you’re new to masturbation or sex, most of us like different amounts of pressure and touch.

Think about how do you like to get a massage, how hard you love to hug someone, or if you’re easily tickled!

These aren’t perfect signs, but it gives you an insight into sensations you prefer.


Using these notes, ask yourself if you’d enjoy a new sex toy that penetrates, vibrates, or maybe both.

Another part of the ‘how’ is your position.

Do you prefer to stand?

Do you masturbate on your stomach so you need something that can slip between your body and the bed?

If you’re using it for partnered sex, think about the position you and your partner often use and how your toy could fit into that.

new toys

Do you have any Special Needs?

Each one of us has his own needs that should be satisfied.

Think about your unique needs that the toy would need to help.

For Example, Many people think about how loud a motor in a vibrator is, especially if they are sharing home with others.

Also, a waterproof toy is helpful for any shower or bath time play you like to have.

If you have any physical limitations or pain, it may help to have a toy with a handle, or that does the penetrating for you.

Furthermore, think about the other things you’ll be using during sex.

sex toys

But remember to make sure the lube that you use doesn’t affect the material of your new sex toy.

If so, you can change your lube as there is many kinds to use.

You can see the lubes that the Sexy Box provide!

What About The Price?

Your budget matters!

There are often choices to suit all financial needs and wishes, no matter what the new sex toy is.

In the sexy box, we have a lot of options that can fit any budget.

Even if your budget isn’t that much, you should still focus on body-safe materials and the right product.

The more you pay, the more quality and features you’re going to enjoy.

A higher price can mean smartphone apps, remote, warranties, motor strength, amount of rhythms and patterns.

having sex

When selecting your new toy, give yourself a range to work with.

Here Is Our Extra Advice:

1) Try Out New Designs, Styles, or Types of Sensations:

Like any other industry, there are always innovative designs to the sex toy market.

Just because this style seems unusual, do not be quick to reject them.

Yes, classic toys may seem better, but a new design, shape, or style might be the hero for your pleasure.

2) Never Miss Quality:

Many people give honest and unbiased reviews of new sex toys.

While thoughts are a great thing to take into consideration, know that your body and your experience may be different.

3) Where You Buy Your New Sex Toy:

Avoid buying your toys from retailers that don’t have body-safe requirements for their sex toys.

Never harm your body and health.

4) Take Care of Your New Sex Toy:

When taking care of your toy, it will keep taking care of your sexual needs and desires.

Use the correct lube for the material of your toy, store it in a clean, dry, and protected place out of direct sunlight.

Wash your toy when you get it, before and after using it, and between sessions and partners.

new sex toy

Never hesitate to get your new sex toy!

Answer these questions in a way that meets your needs and desires.

Visit your sex store, and don’t be shy to ask for help if you still need it.

It is your choice to improve your sexual life and get the pleasure you wish!

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