Your level of understanding of sex and sex toys is essential.

Your first visit to a sex shop may be embarrassing.

But after a while, this won’t be a problem anymore.

You should know how to pick the best sex toy for you and how to treat it too.

And we are here to give you some tips that will help you use your sex toy correctly to get a healthy sex life.

1) You Don’t Wash Your Sex Toy Correctly or At All:

Proper toy hygiene and storage are essential for the survival of your toy and your protection.

Using a dirty toy can leave you at risk for health issues like urinary tract infections.

So, keeping your sex toy clean lower the chances of having health troubles.

The best way to clean a sex toy depends on many elements like the material and whether the toy is battery operated or not.

It is not that hard to clean it; you can use a mild unscented soap.

sex toys cleaning

Ideally, wash your toy before and after using it.

If you feel lazy after you’ve finished with your sex toy, at least wipe them up with unscented baby wipes.

2) You Go For The Most Popular Toy:

Popularity shouldn’t wholly dictate which toy you should use.

Which toy fits you depends on your needs and desires.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for advice on what toy to buy.

popular sex toys

You can ask about the most loved toys for what you’re into correctly, compare it with your needs, and if it meets them, this can be your toy.

3) Go For The Cheapest Toy:

 Many Sex toys may be too expensive.

 But never choose the cheapest. The very cheap ones may need a lot of cleaning.

They may also catch bacteria that will cause infections.

4) You Focus On Orgasms:

The first thing that blows in your mind when you hear “sex toy” is “I want to orgasm.”

Of course, one of the sex toys benefits is that they can help get yourself off.

But that attitude adds unneeded pressure and takes some of the fun out of it.

Sex toys are not just used for orgasm; You can use them to have good feelings and enjoy the pleasure of sexual play without orgasming.


Sex toys can help you explore other parts of your body rather than just using them for vaginal or anal stimulation.

Of course, before using any toy, make sure it is safe to do it.

5) You Only Use Sex Toys Alone:

You may feel embarrassed about using a sex toy with your partner.

Some people feel that the sex toy will replace them; this is wrong.

Some women can’t have orgasm without using a vibrator, and they are ashamed to use it with their partner.

But keep in mind that your partner must want you to experience as much pleasure as possible.


Even if you can orgasm without using a sex toy, they can still improve your sex.

6) You Don’t Recognize Instructions:

Sometimes when you buy a new sex toy, all you want is to try it, so you ignore instructions.

You should never do that!

Before using them, read the instructions for battery-operated toys and ensure to know what each button does.

The same works for non-battery-operated toys; you may save yourself of failure.

 A lot of expensive toys come with a warranty that may be helpful one day.

7) You Share Toys Without Taking Proper Regards:

It is not recommended to share unprotected toys, especially the toys you use for penetration.

Sharing unprotected toys leads to the same results you get when having unprotected sex.

You may get sexually transmitted infections.

It would help if you didn’t share the same toy with many holes on your body without cleaning it.

Never use a toy that’s touched your anus for your vagina without washing it.

8) You Don’t Use The Right Lube:

Lube is useful for solo and partnered sex.

You should make sure to use the proper lube, so you don’t feel discomfort or irritation.

For the right kind of lube, many toy materials fit with water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based lubricants.

But silicone toys—arguably one of the most popular materials for these items—can only be used with water- and oil-based lubes.

A silicone-based lube will ruin the silicone toy over time.

If you prefer silicone lube, put an unlubricated condom on your silicone sex toy, and use silicone-based lubricant.

couples sex

The greatest thing about sex toys is that you can use them the way you want to get pleasure and fun.

Don’t hesitate to get the toy that meets your needs now.

So, let me recommend The Sexy Box where you can find the best sex toys ever.

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